5-year-old with leukemia lives out her dream of being a tattoo artist

Officials at "A Special Wish" said they wanted to put a smile on Maja's face.

A 5-year-old Cleveland girl with leukemia lived out her wildest dreams and became a tattoo artist for a day thanks to a little magic from a nonprofit organization.

Maja, who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, learned how to draw, design and even put a needle to the flesh (of a grapefruit), thanks to "A Special Wish" Cleveland Chapter and Voodoo Monkey Tattoo, an award-winning ink shop.

Officials from the organization said they wanted to put a smile on Maja's face after they heard her story.

As part of the organization's "when I grow up" series, vice president and ASW board member Jason Beudert told ABC News his team reached out to the Voodoo Monkey Tattoo shop in Cleveland to arrange a one-day apprenticeship for her.

"Her mom put down that Maja wanted to be a tattoo artist and we just thought, 'that's just so cool and unique,'" he said. The tattoo shop owners "were just elated when we reached out and shared Maja's wish."

The organization shared over 20 photos with special moments from her big day on Facebook that Beudert said "caught fire on social media."

Beudert said they took Maja to an award-winning taco restaurant where she even tried her hand at some fresh ink. "The server had a bunch of tattoos and brought over a sharpie so [Maja] could trace them on her arm," he said.

From there they went to Voodoo Monkey, she met the owners who gave her a T-shirt, a tour of the shop, showed her the different tools and how to clean her station.

Maja was all smiles as she explored all the different colors of ink and practiced tattooing her name on a grapefruit.

"Together with her trainer, Dave, they scaled and printed out her Panda Tattoo," the post said. "She consulted with her first two clients, Maja’s Aunt and Maja’s Dad, and observed as Dave brought her Panda Tattoo to life."

"Thank you again to everyone who made this amazing day possible," added the post. "Something tells us that Maja’s tattoo is going to be very popular at Voodoo Monkey."