'The Conversation': Diane Sawyer and Jeffrey Kofman On David Goldman's Custody Battle

The latest on a custody case that has the world's attention.

ByABC News
December 23, 2009, 9:56 AM

Dec. 23, 2009— -- ABC's Jeffrey Kofman talks to Diane Sawyer from Rio de Janeiro, where he is reporting on a Brazilian custody case that has made headlines around the world. After a five-year fight, U.S. father David Goldman has finally won a battle for custody of his 9-year old son, Sean. The Brazilian Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the family of David Goldman's deceased ex-wife must hand over Sean to Goldman by 6 a.m. ET Thursday morning.

Jeffrey speaks to Diane about the fallout from this case, one that affects people on both sides of the divide: Will Sean's mother's family still get to visit Sean? What kind of emotional toll has this very public case taken on this 9-yr old boy? Tune in to today's Conversation.