Kids Sing Impassioned Get-Out-the-Vote Song

Atlanta kids become Internet sensations, urging everyone to go out and vote.

ByABC News
October 31, 2008, 6:50 PM

Oct. 31, 2008— -- Though they're too young to vote, that's not stopping kids at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta from having a voice in the election.

Meet the middle-school pundits.

"It turned from this little classroom song, that we're just trying to learn about the issues between the both candidates, into something where the whole world is interested in hearing what we have to say," said Jordan Brown, 12.

"We actually got invited to perform it at a Coca Cola event and we didn't even know anyone was video-ing, but a little lady, she had a video camera and she filmed the students," said Ron Clark, founder of the academy. "She put it on YouTube. The next day, it had 25,000 hits. Next day, it had 50,000, and it just kept spreading and spreading."

As of now, they've gotten well over half a million hits.

The lyrics are catchy: "Obama on the left, McCain on the right. We can talk politics all night and you can vote however you like."

The song was born in the school's debate class. After learning both candidates' stances on all of the issues, the students chose a hit billboard single by the rap artist T.I. and rewrote the lyrics on the issues of the day, from both sides.

The songwriters had to know their stuff, and they studied up.

"It has gotten me excited. I actually know the issues from McCain and Obama," Brown said. "I [don't] just see, 'Oh, that's a black man, that's a white man.' I actually know what they're standing for."

"I am actually a Barack Obama supporter because most of his plans I agree with, and also his plan to fix this economic crisis," said Ossei Avril, 12.

"I am actually supporting John McCain," said Willie Thornton, 12. "I love his policies about the economy, what he feels, how, if you do make money in the stock market, he will reduce the capitol gains tax, and if you lose money, he will give you a tax deduction."

"Even if Barack Obama does not get elected -- I hope he does -- I mean, I still need to know McCain's side," said Ajee Jenkins, 12. "I still need to know the facts about my president."