The New Book About the ABC News Anchor -- Excerpts, Video & Photos

In August 2005, Lynn Sherr called me. She suggested that the interviews conducted for "Peter Jennings: Reporter," the ABC News special that aired three days after Peter's death, be published in book form. I said no. She said, "Think about it." I said okay, but no.

I was skeptical; there had already been many wonderful tributes to Peter and to his achievements and there would be many more. At the time, Peter's children and I felt that was enough.

A year after that phone call -- almost a year to the day that Peter died -- a beautifully bound volume containing lightly edited transcripts of the eighty-one interviews appeared at my door. Lynn had quietly created a few copies just for Peter's family, his most intimate friends, and his closest colleagues.

I stayed up through the night reading, and by morning I knew Lynn had been right: there was a book in these interviews, and it wasn't just a tribute, though it would pay tribute to Peter's life. And it wasn't just about Peter, though it would chronicle his career. It would also be a book about journalistic values.

I hope that Peter Jennings: A Reporter's Life will serve as a guide for young reporters, that it will confirm their best instincts and ease them away from someone else's worst. I hope that it will inspire other young people to come into the profession by showing them that this is a noble calling, which is why so many of us love it. I hope they will be tempted by the fun and the responsibility and the adventure and the challenge that made Peter' life the remarkable ride it was.