The Conversation: Zach Anner, Oprah's Unlikely Star

ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi talks with the Web star who could win his own show.

ByABC News
June 16, 2010, 11:10 AM

June 16, 2010— -- Oprah Winfrey's search for a new show for her network has already unearthed a new and unlikely star -- a wheelchair-bound comedian who wants to host a travel show.

25-year-old Zach Anner of Austin, Texas has cerebral palsy, but he hasn't let that stop him from pursuing his dreams, and he very well may win an online competition that would give him his own how on OWN, Oprah's new cable network.

In his audition video, Anner describes his idea for a travel show to inspire those who those who think it's too hard to globe-trot. He also shows clips of some ideas that might not work as well -- a cooking show, exercise program or fashion show.

"I've got a lot to say, but I didn't know exactly where I would fit because I have something called cerebral palsy, which I believe is the sexiest of the palsies, but it does sort of limit where my strengths are," he says in the video.

Anner's funny and disarming video has gone viral, and he's far ahead of his competition in votes, with over 2,600,000 people giving him their support already.

Some of that support has come from a surprising souce -- musician John Mayer, who promoted Anner's video on his blog and even offered to write a theme song for his show if he wins.

Today on the Conversation, ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi talks with Zach Anner about his video, his idea for a show, and the way the audition has already changed his life.

"I didn't even know that things like this were possible," he said about the moment he realized he had over a million votes. "Now I know how the people who win the lottery feel. Or, like, how Obama felt when he won the presidency. Like, just kind of like, wow! Now I'm the president! Wow, now I have a million votes! I don't know if Barack Obama has those emotional highs, but you know, whatever."

We hope you'll watch this very funny Conversation with the remarkable Zach Anner.

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