Should the Color Code Terror Warning System Be Eliminated?

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The federal government is considering doing away with the color-coded terror alert system that has been a mainstay at airports for eight years.

The Homeland Security department has recommended that the color code warning system be eliminated in favor of a more detailed system, though the proposal will still have to go through an interagency review.

"I think it's something that is under review to make it meaningful and relevant to the American people," TSA Administrator John Pistole said on "Good Morning America".

The overall threat level for the nation has been Yellow, or elevated, for the last five years. At airports, it has remained Orange, or high.

The Bush administration introduced the color system in 2002. Before color codes, local law enforcement had to scramble whenever the federal government issued a general alert, so the color system was intended to provide more information about threats. But critics have long suggested that the color system isn't specific enough.

Our question to you today: Should the color code terror warning system be eliminated?

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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