Nine-Time Drunken Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison: Is The Punishment Right or Too Harsh?

A Texas man who has had nine DWI convictions in his life has just been sentenced to life in prison for his most recent offense.

Bobby Joe Stovall, 52, was found guilty last month of drunk driving in 2009. Stovall had a blood alcohol level of 0.32, four times the legal limit. He was involved in a wreck that left his passenger hurt.

This week, a judge ordered Stovall to spend the rest of his life behind bars for the crime. He's had eight other previous DWI convictions in various Texas counties, as well as convictions for burglary, credit card abuse, and posession of a controlled substance.

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Drunken Driver Gets Life in Prison

"When you get to that ninth DWI conviction, leniency is not going to protect your community. You've got to punish," said John Bradley, the District Attorney for Williamson County.

Our question to you today: Is a life sentence for Stovall the right punishment or is it too harsh?

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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