Ask Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim Johnson is the medical editor for ABC News. He and the Medical Unit answered questions about smoking, quitting and the effects of lung cancer on the body. The questions were answered in consultation with the nation's leading cancer centers.

Introduction: The information that we're able to provide in a television report is very focused: we have limits on the length of the story, we're putting a piece together for a more general audience, and we're working on deadline. This can raise added questions for viewers -- particularly if you are trying to quit smoking or have known someone with lung cancer.

That's why we've asked the ABC News Medical Unit and Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson, to take additional questions. In this column, in consultation with over a dozen and a half of the country's leading medical centers, Dr. Tim and the Medical Unit addressed some of your questions about smoking and lung cancer. We hope you'll read our responses and share them with smokers in your life.

Dr. Tim's Responses:

Nov. 2, 2005

Nov. 3, 2005

Nov. 4, 2005

Nov. 7, 2005

Nov. 8, 2005

Nov. 9, 2005

Nov. 10, 2005

Nov. 14, 2005

Nov. 28, 2005

Nov. 30, 2005


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