EXCLUSIVE: Foley Instant Message Chat While Waiting For a House Vote

OCT. 3, 2006 — -- Former Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) engaged in Internet sex with a high school student who had served as a congressional page while waiting for a House vote in 2003, according to new Internet instant messages provided to ABC News by former pages.

Maf54 (6:25:43 PM): i miss you

Xxxxxxxxx (6:25:47 PM): ya me too

Maf54 (6:25:50 PM): we are still voting

Maf54 (6:25:59 PM): you miss me too

Maf54 (7:19:21 PM): ok..i better go vote..did you know you would have this effect on me

Xxxxxxxxx (7:19:28 PM): lol i guessed

Xxxxxxxxx (7:19:38 PM): ya go vote...i dont want to keep you from doing your job

Maf54 (7:19:44 PM): can I have a good kiss goodnight

Xxxxxxxxx (7:19:50 PM): :-*

Xxxxxxxxx (7:19:55 PM): (kiss)

Xxxxxxxxx (8:50:02 PM): are you going to be in town over the veterans day weekend

Maf54 (8:50:15 PM): i may be now that your coming..

Maf54 (8:50:23 PM): who you coming to visit

Xxxxxxxxx (8:50:26 PM): haha good stuff

Xxxxxxxxx (8:51:24 PM): umm no one really

Maf54 (8:56:17 PM): we will be adjourned ny then

Xxxxxxxxx (8:56:23 PM): oh good

Maf54 (8:56:24 PM): by

Maf54 (8:57:10 PM): then we can have a few drinks

Maf54 (8:57:11 PM): lol

Xxxxxxxxx (8:57:19 PM): yes yes ;-)

Maf54 (8:57:29 PM): your not old enough to drink

Xxxxxxxxx (8:57:44 PM): shhh....

Maf54 (8:57:47 PM): ok

Xxxxxxxxx (8:57:49 PM): thats not what my ID says

Xxxxxxxxx (8:57:50 PM): lol Maf54 (8:57:54 PM): ok

Xxxxxxxxx (8:58:13 PM): i probably shouldnt be telling you that huh

Maf54 (8:58:15 PM): we may need to drink at my house so we dont get busted