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Thousands light up joints during Hindu festival in Nepal

Hindu holy men were joined by devotees and the public at a revered temple in Kathmandu where they lit up marijuana cigarettes during an annual festival despite prohibition and warnings by authorities
1 month ago

New avalanches in Nepal interrupt search for 7 trekkers

New avalanches falling on a popular trekking route in Nepal have forced rescuers to halt their search for four South Korean trekkers and three Nepali guides who were believed to have been swept by a snowslide
3 months ago

14 pilgrims die, 18 injured after bus crashes in Nepal

A bus carrying Hindu pilgrims has driven off a highway in Nepal, killing 14 people
4 months ago

Explosion in south Nepal town kills 3, injures another 3

An explosion at a house in a southern Nepal town has killed three people including the owner, his son and a police officer who responded to the call about the device
4 months ago

3 killed, 4 injured in Nepal plane crash near Mount Everest

At least 3 people have been killed and 4 injured after a small plane crashed into a parked helicopter during takeoff at the only airport in Nepal's Everest region
1 year ago

Hiker rescued from mountain in Nepal after 47 days

Crews rescued a man from a rocky ledge in Nepal 47 days after he got lost in a snowstorm with his girlfriend, who died three days before the rescue; he survived on just water and salt.
3 years ago
Hiker rescued from mountain in Nepal after 47 days

Hiker rescued after 47 days stranded in Nepal survived on salt, water

After spending 47 days stranded on a mountain in Nepal, surviving on salt and water, a Taiwanese man was rescued Wednesday but his girlfriend had died three days earlier.
3 years ago
Hiker rescued after 47 days in Nepal survived on salt, water