Jennifer Garner hilariously makes fun of her viral Oscars meme
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Actress Jennifer Garner certainly knows how to take a joke in stride.

The former "Alias" star, 45, had a moment during the 2018 Oscars where she was clapping and looked to stop in mid-celebration when she possibly realized something or was struck by something onstage.

The internet took off with jokes and memes on Monday, as people tried to guess what she could have been thinking about at that moment.

Late Monday, she joked about it in an Instagram story.

Celebrity journalist Bobby Finger recorded and posted the response (since it disappears on Instagram after 24 hours) so that fans could laugh along with the actress.

Jennifer Garner arrives for the 90th Annual Academy Awards, March 4, 2018, in Hollywood, Calif.

"Congrats to 'Shape of Water,'" she says in a voice-over of her clip from Sunday night in the Instagram Story. "Maybe I should date a fish?"

That first joke was aimed at the film that won the best picture award at the end of the night.

But she wasn't done yet. She continued, citing her famous Capital One commercials in another clip, "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what's in your wallet? Wait, where is my wallet?"

And in her third joke, she said, "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham. Wait, did I sign a nudity waiver?"

The funny responses on Finger's Twitter account alone have garnered almost 5,000 likes.

A request for comment from Garner's representative was not immediately returned to ABC News about the viral moment.