Barron Trump declines Florida GOP delegate position due to 'prior commitments'

He is set to graduate from high school next week.

Former President Donald Trump's youngest child, Barron Trump, is declining an opportunity to serve as Florida's GOP at-large delegate to the Republican National Convention due to "prior commitments," former first lady Melania Trump's office confirmed to ABC News.

"While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments," the Office of Melania Trump wrote in a statement to ABC News.

The Florida Republican Party announced earlier this week that the former president's son was selected as one of the state's delegates, along with other members of the Trump family who have played more active role in Trump's campaign -- including Trump's older sons, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Barron Trump, who is set to graduate from high school next week, has yet to join his father on the campaign trail this cycle, maintaining his distance from the political spotlight.

Since the revelation that Barron Trump was selected as one of Florida's GOP delegates, Donald Trump has been in the media touting his son's interest in politics.

During an interview with a local Philadelphia radio, Donald Trump said Barron likes politics and suggested he even offers him political advice.

"He does like politics. It's sort of funny. He'll tell me sometimes, 'Dad, this is what you have to do,'" the former president said of Barron, saying his son is smart and doesn't need much political advice from him.

Speaking with Telemundo 51 in Miami, Donald Trump said it's "very cute" that his son is entering the Florida political sphere, and offered full support while emphasizing that he's still "very young."

"To me, that's very cute because he's a very young guy," Trump told Telemundo 51. "And he's graduating from high school this year. He's a very good student, very smart and I think that's great."

"I'm all for it," Trump continued, again stressing that his son is very young.

The Daily Mail was the first to report Barron Trump was declining the role.