Obama Pre-Vacation Speech Filled With Unscripted Remarks

The president lets loose with some off-the-cuff statements on some current political issues.
2:43 | 08/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Pre-Vacation Speech Filled With Unscripted Remarks
All the chatter this morning about President Obama. Showing a different and very interesting side of his personality and -- high profile moment in front of the assembled white house press corps on Friday afternoon the president. Occasionally -- -- cutting loose with candid comments about everybody from. Vladimir Putin to Michelle Obama ABC's senior Washington correspondent Jim Downey is here with more this was the president without the -- There really was -- good morning guys and and we saw hints of frustration and defiance from the president but. After a challenging summer in Washington it was that series of unscripted moments that offered a deeper window into what he's really thinking. Prisoner -- -- streak in the running commentary President Obama held nothing back on Russian president Vladimir Putin he's got that kind of slouch. Looking like the board kids. In the back of the classroom Ron define Russia's new anti gay law through Olympic medals one of things I'm really looking forward to -- Maybe some gay and lesbian athletes. Bringing home -- gold or silver bronze and of Russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes then. The primary thirteen -- And using domestic harmony as an analogy for the NSA's. Domestic spying program its right to ask questions about surveillance how Americans should trust but verify -- if I tell Michelle. Bad I did that vicious mouth. Granted in the White House I don't do the dishes that much but back in the day and she's little skeptical. I'd like -- trust me about it. Maybe I need to bring her back and short -- President Obama came into the east room of the White House. To talk about America's surveillance system askew but he also came armed with a set of awkward anecdotes but he and mixed metaphors here it was a presidential play by play -- a series of off the cuff remarks in real time. And he didn't take it easy as one even on himself in knowledge in serious kinks in the health care law -- going to be some -- us. No -- about that's true mother whale of a car company rolling out a new car that's true. Apple rolling -- the new like that before the hour was up -- -- he even asked a question of his own. To a Wall Street Journal reporter on the birth of her son and Carol congratulations on Hudson thank you have pictures. Now there were some serious moments to. Course the ongoing that terror threats that frigid relationship with the Russia but the president. Had a carefree look of someone about to leave for vacation it is Stanley begin their summer break today on Martha's Vineyard. But when he returns to Washington in Indiana. All those challenges they're still waiting for I'm kind of picture moments in Martha's Vineyard where he marches Michelle under the kitchen he shows up queen bee contestants. Also facing -- Clinton have to say about the -- board can't comment as well translation -- that -- -- been -- are different next time.

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{"id":19924392,"title":"Obama Pre-Vacation Speech Filled With Unscripted Remarks","duration":"2:43","description":"The president lets loose with some off-the-cuff statements on some current political issues.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-pre-vacation-speech-filled-unscripted-remarks-19924392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}