'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Share Secrets With Facebook Fans

Stars of the hit show answer questions in their first-ever live interview.
1:43 | 10/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Share Secrets With Facebook Fans
Starting tomorrow rig all that weather, all of it was brought to you by keurig. And now, to a huge event with "pretty little lairs." "Gma" has teamed up with facebook, for the first-ever live stream interview with all four stars. Here's rachel smith with a look. Reporter: It's no secret. Abc family's "pretty little lairs" has quickly become one of cable tv's most popular shows. Largely due to one of its newest and closest friends, social media. The pll summer finale alone, 2 million tweets. No lie. All four little lairs sat down with "gma" live. Let's go to your fans in iceland. Kenya. And live in a little bubble. It hasn't sunk in. It's standing room only. Reporter: The show's social media surge may have inspired a spin-off series, "ravens wood," which premieres tonight. We're four sisters. You think about it, that's something that every girl. You have people around you that you know, no matter what happens, they're going to have your back. Reporter: "Pretty little liars" and friends, hope the online hype and pandemonium pays off. What do you want to tell the millions of fans you have? We wouldn't be where we are without them. Reporter: For "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. Nice work, rachel. They're hot. To see the entire interview, head to facebooklive.Com. And for the premiere tonight, 8:007:00 central.

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{"id":20644018,"title":"'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Share Secrets With Facebook Fans","duration":"1:43","description":"Stars of the hit show answer questions in their first-ever live interview.","url":"/GMA/video/pretty-liars-stars-share-secrets-facebook-fans-20644018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}