Gisele Bundchen's Son Born in Boston Bathtub

Doctors were urging Johnson, a vegan who practices yoga, to have a Caesarean, even though her previous births had been vaginal. "It didn't agree with my way of life," she said.

"But my intuition was telling me to find another solution," said Johnson, who found a midwife and purchased a $28 birthing pool online.

Everyone in the family was present at the birth, "except the dog, who was locked in a room."

Her five-hour birth went easily, as her husband reheated pots of water on the stove and added them to the pool, where Johnson sat waist deep.

"I felt more confident giving birth, more relaxed and not nervous in the comfort of my home," she said. "I basically waited until could take it any longer and got into the water."

"It was a whole amazing experience," said Johnson. "It was a lot different from the children born in the hospital in the cold dry air and bright light. My water baby went from water to water, with no bright lights. It was peaceful and relaxing."

Here are some birthing centers that specialize in water birth:

AquaNatal Birth Center, Inc. in Chino, Calif.

Baby Love Birth Center in Cape Coral, Fla.

Nativiti Women's Health & Birth Center in The Woodlands, Texas.

Simona Natural Birth Center in Whittier, Calif.

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