Yay or Nay? Top 7 Love Helpers

However, K-Y would not explain exactly how the lubricants worked.

"It's important to note that K-Y Brand Yours and Mine does not increase blood flow. Yours and Mine contains sensate ingredients, which are used in many consumer products to produce warming, cooling and tingling sensations when used as directed," said Panas. "The proprietary blend of sensate ingredients in K-Y Yours and Mine has been developed and tested to optimize the sensations couples experience."

But for all the things you could buy, your Valentine this weekend, Goldstein said none of his top recommendations cost a dime.

"I have five basic messages to get across that are essentially tips for a better sex life," said Goldstein, who included good diet and exercise, seeing a doctor for hormone problems, keeping up good circulation, keeping up good mental and partner relationship health and finally, stay in practice with frequent sexual activity.

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