Man Leads Cops on High Speed Chase, Steals Police Cruiser

PHOTO: Robery Zygarowski allegedly escaped officers and stole a police cruiser in Salem, New Hampshire.

A man is facing multiple charges after allegedly leading New Hampshire police on a high speed chase and commandeering a police cruiser before being arrested early this morning.

Robert Zygarowski, of Ellwood City, Pa., faces charges including simple assault, resisting arrest and disobeying an officer among others.

According to police in Salem, N.H., Zygarowski, 52, was allegedly driving with three other people when he was pulled over by Officer Adam Pearson around 12:40 a.m. Pearson attempted to arrest Zygarowski after stopping the car, but Zygarowski allegedly struggled with the officer, leading Pearson to use his taser on the 52-year-old.

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Rather than becoming incapacitated by the taser, Zygarowski managed to escape the electrified barbs and get back in his car.

Pearson followed Zygarowski at high speed, eventually pulling him over again after he blew a tire. This time the struggle led to Pearson's car being commandeered by Zygarowski, who managed to drive off, police said.

The two other people in Zygarowski's original car were held by Pearson, who waited for back-up.

Police got a break after Zygarowski was spotted at a nearby IHOP and teams of officers were able to create a perimeter and catch the 52-year-old suspect nearby after a brief confrontation.

Zygarowski was transferred to a local jail and Pearson was treated and released from a local hospital for minor injuries.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and no further information will be released until Zygarowski's arraignment hearing on Monday.

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