Transcript: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Speaks to ABC's Diane Sawyer


Progress wasn't fast enough. And that's really what the challenge is. Now we look forward to working with the Republicans. They say they have some ideas on job creation. We had hoped they would've suggested them before. They just said no. Now, we look forward to, we know just say no doesn't work. We, we want to hear what they have to say.

DIANE SAWYER: What are you going to do next?

NANCY PELOSI: That is-- what I'm talking to-- well, first of all, today, I'm talking to my members-- who courageously fought the fight, carried the banner, took the tough votes, and-- made the decision-- for the American people, to fight for the middle class. That's what I'm doing today. When I-- when I'm towards the end of doing that, I'll start thinking about what I do next. But it's never been about me. It's about how our caucus goes forward to fight, continue our fight for the middle class.

DIANE SAWYER: Are the odds you'll stay?

NANCY PELOSI: I'm-- I'm-- as I said to you, we-- in our caucus, we always do things by consensus. And when we have that consensus, we'll have some announcement to make.

DIANE SAWYER: And do you feel you would have the support to be minority leader?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, I-- as I said, when we-- I don't want to speak for my caucus at this time. But I-- when we make that decision together then we'll have an announcement about it.

DIANE SAWYER: Have you talked to your family about it?

NANCY PELOSI: Again-- understand, this result is not 24 hours old. And I-- always believe that there was a way that we could win if some of these very close races fell our way. And they were falling our way. $100 million approximately of outside money weighed in in those races, and changed the atmosphere in the last couple of weeks. That's all to say we weren't anticipating losing. We knew it was a possibility, but I never discussed that possibility with my family.

So, we didn't discuss what it would mean to me. We-- we were mostly interested obviously in what it would mean to the American people. And that's what's important. To stay focused on that. Whatever our decisions-- that any of us have to be on what's in the best interest of the American people. People talk about communication, the best communication for somebody who has-- who has economic uncertainty is a job. And that's what our focus has to be now. Jobs. More job creation faster.

DIANE SAWYER: Everyone-- everyone assumes that the crucible moment that you look and you say, "Here is the lesson I learned." What would you have done differently? What should you have done differently?

NANCY PELOSI: Well as-- there's nothing I could do about 9.5 percent unemployment. Some people say, well you should've made sure everybody knew that this was a result of the Bush administration. And we were moving to change that. It didn't come fast enough.

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