20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


Chris and Shanann Watts' seemed to be in love, say friends, family: Part 1

Their lives are enviable for many following Shanann Watts on social media, until the community's perception of their happy family is shattered when Shanann and her daughters go missing.
Dec 8

Desperate search after Shanann Watts, young daughters disappear from home: Part 2

Shanann Watts is gone without a trace, leaving behind her cell phone, purse and wedding ring. Meanwhile, her husband pleads for his family's return.
Dec 8

Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3

While friends say Shanann Watts was trying to repair her marriage, her husband was having an affair with a woman he met through work.
Dec 8

In a shocking statement, Chris Watts describes how he killed his wife: Part 4

While sitting in a police interrogation room, Watts claims to his father that he killed Shanann Watts after she had strangled their kids, but investigators weren't buying his story.
Dec 7

Shanann Watts and her two daughters are found dead: Part 5

After investigators uncover the grave of Shanann Watts and the gruesome disposal of the girls, her husband Chris Watts pleaded guilty to their murders.
Dec 8