20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


Brittani Marcell and her doctor on her miraculous recovery

20/20 Extra: Dr. Lori Wright discusses Marcell's ten months at Mentis Neuro Health in Texas, as part of her rehabilitation after a 2008 shovel attack in her home.
Jun 15

Dad of 4 facing prison time for shovel attack: 'I know I'm not guilty'

Brittani Marcell was left fighting for her life after the 2008 attack.
Jun 15

How recovered memories and a single drop of blood helped solve a case

Brittani Marcell nearly died after being attacked by a man with a shovel.
Jun 14

How you can help celebrate the 40th season of '20/20' with ice cream

Ample Hills Creamery created "The Scoop," a limited edition flavor of ice cream.
Jun 13

Kim Jong Un's half-brother dies after being smeared with nerve agent at airport: Part 1

Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was traveling with a fake passport to Macau from Malaysia.
Jan 13