20/20 2020

Friday @ 9PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


Utah doctor's lies uncovered by children convinced he murdered their mother

Michele Martin was found lifeless in a bathtub in 2007.
Jun 13

'The Perfect Nanny' - the 20/20 Event Special airs Tonight at 9/8c on ABC

A true crime case of a husband who did the unthinkable. Having an affair with his nanny and then murdering his wife. New details and emotional interviews - 'The Perfect Nanny' - Tonight at 9/8c on ABC
Jun 8

Actress convicted of lying to police about ex-fiance's murders pleads innocence

Rachel Buffett was convicted of lying to police to help protect Daniel Wozniak.
May 30

Community theater actor's chilling confession to double murder

Daniel Wozniak was convicted of killing a war veteran and a college student.
May 29

The Central Park jogger rape case that led to 5 teens' conviction, later vacated

Five teenagers were arrested and charged with assaulting Trisha Meili.
May 24