20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


The night an Uber driver went on a murderous rampage

Jason Dalton killed six people and critically injured two others.
Feb 20

Uber driver shooting rampage victim: 'Sometimes I don't feel normal'

Abbie Kopf was one of eight people Jason Dalton shot during his 2016 rampage.
Feb 19

'I pretended I was dead': Survivor of deadly Uber driver shooting spree

Tiana Carruthers opens up about the time she survived being shot by Jason Dalton, saying she told the kids she was with to run after he approached, began to run herself and then played dead.
Feb 20

'I miss her unconditionally': Michigan shooting survivor remembers her 'Grandma'

Barbara Hawthorne, whom Abigail Kopf considered like her grandmother, was killed in the 2016 shooting rampage that left six dead in the Kalamazoo area and injured two people, including Kopf.
Feb 20