20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


'1969': Watch exclusive video extras from 'Moon Shot'

New episodes in the six-episode series will air on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.
14m ago

'1969': Parrish Hirasaki, a heat shield specialist for the Apollo 11 program

Many women worked behind-the-scenes and made pivotal contributions to the historic Apollo 11 mission. Hirasaki shares her experiences overcoming the gender roles of the 1960s to work on the mission.
1h ago

'1969': Hugh Brown, a communications specialist with NASA during Apollo 11

Weeks before the historic Apollo 11 launch, Brown's team, which maintained communication between mission control and the spacecraft, detected Russian interference that put the mission at stake.
1h ago

'1969': John Hirasaki, NASA engineer who was in quarantine with Apollo 11 astronauts

After completing a nine-day mission, Apollo 11 successfully returned to Earth on July 24, 1969. Hirasaki spent more than two weeks in quarantine with Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins.
1h ago

'1969' - The Landmark Six-Part Docu-Series Event - Tomorrow at 10/9c on ABC

Woodstock, The Manson Murders, The Moon Landing - 1969 was "Phenomenal, Exciting, Terrifying, Outrageous - A mirror image of today" - "1969" Premiers Tomorrow at 10/9c on ABC.
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