20/20 2020

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Sep 14

Real-life 'Hustlers' who lured men into strip clubs, swindled them out of thousands

Strippers found other ways to fund lavish lifestyles after the financial crisis.
Sep 11

How real 'Hustlers' got caught: 'They were vampires ... my blood was the credit card'

Dr. Zyad Younan was a key witness in the case against the real-life "Hustlers."
Sep 13

How these women say they conducted strip club "fishing" scheme

Roselyn Keo and Karina Pascucci explain how they would go "fishing," the term the women used for luring clients into strip clubs to get them to spend as much money as possible.
Sep 11

A look at the sting operation that helped bring down the real-life ‘Hustlers’

NYPD and DEA set up a sting operation while investigating a scam perpetrated by strip club workers who conspired to drug and rob men, capturing some women in never-before-seen hidden camera video.
Sep 13