20/20 2020

Friday @ 9PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


‘Notorious: Ghislaine Maxwell’ | The New 20/20 Event airs Friday at 9|8c on ABC

Ghislaine Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein’s former-girlfriend & alleged sex trafficker. Now, hear from her brother in his first television interview as his sister awaits trial for her life.
Jun 18

Black farmers fight to keep their land, cultivate next generation

“It’s about fairness,” John Boyd Jr., a farmer and fierce advocate, said.
Jun 18

Former President Obama talks to Michael Strahan about the power of hope

Former President Obama says no one has exhibited more resilience and determination in this country than African Americans.
Jun 17

President Obama on the keys to democracy's survival, healing racial divide

The former president trusts in a new generation fighting for equal rights.
Jun 18

Vanessa Guillen’s fiance, closest friends detail upsetting investigation

"We didn't know what to believe," her friend remembered.
Jun 11

Apr 12