20/20 2020

Friday @ 9PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


Vanessa Guillen’s fiance, closest friends detail upsetting investigation

"We didn't know what to believe," her friend remembered.
Jun 11

Vanessa Guillen’s fiancé remembers hearing heartbreaking news

Juan Cruz met Guillen at a quinceanera, where he says “I knew she was the one.” He remembered seeing a gut-wrenching development in the investigation on Twitter.
Jun 11

Vanessa Guillen investigation Committee Chair says Army made 'major mistake'

Chris Swecker, who was named to the independent panel that reviewed the command climate and culture at Fort Hood, speaks about the night Guillen’s killer got away.
Jun 11

Vanessa Guillen’s friend said he ‘suspected something was up’ day she went missing

Jun 11

Vanessa Guillen’s parents, fiancé and sister share their fondest memories of her

Guillen’s fiancé Juan Cruz remembers her strength -- he said she could carry him on her shoulders and do squats.
Jun 10

Apr 12