20/20 2020

Friday @ 9PM EST

David Muir and Amy Robach


'Fake doctor' Dean Faiello sheds light on procedure that left NYC woman dead in 2003

Dean Faiello buried Maria Cruz's body under a concrete slab in his garage.
Dec 8

Secrets between a student and teacher becomes cautionary tale

A new "20/20" episode tells the story of then-15-year old Elizabeth Thomas.
Dec 2

A deadly love triangle? Wife eyed in husband's murder

"I believed that she loved me,” one woman testified.
Nov 18

'Divine Intervention': How a Bible led to justice for a murdered farmer

A special "20/20" looks into the 2015 murder of Earl Olander.
Nov 10

'Love Actually' cast looks back at the film's 20-year legacy

Diane Sawyer sits down with Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and others.
Nov 29