How to Help Homeless Teens Featured on '20/20'

Learn how you can help the teens featured in the Jan. 28 episode of "20/20."

ByABC News
November 16, 2010, 3:54 PM

Feb. 02, 2011— -- Many of you have inquired about the teens featured on "20/20" last week. Below are updates on how to help George, Dakota, Rebekah and June from the organizations that are working with them and other teens.

Larkin Street Youth Services for George

Click here to for the original 20/20 story about George.

George is doing well and has a safe home in one of Larkin Street Youth Services' private transitional living programs. We are sharing any notes of well wishes with George so if you would like to share a note, please mail to Larkin Street Youth Services. If you would like to learn more about how George and other homeless youth are supported by Larkin Street, click here and visit the website.

You can give to Larkin Street directly to help all the 3,400 youth we serve each year and it would be a tax deductible donation. Click here to make the donation.

Or if you want to provide funds to George, you give online or send in a check and indicate it is for George. This is not tax deductible.

Send checks made out to Larkin Street Youth Services (indicate in the memo if they want it to go to George -- not tax deductible -- otherwise it will go to helping all youth at Larkin Street.)

Checks should be sent to:

Attention: Kathie Lowry
701 Sutter Street, Suite 2
San Francisco, CA 94109

Maslow Project for Dakota

If viewers of the Jan. 28th airing of 20/20 wish to support the needs of homeless kids and teens in Southern Oregon, they can make a donation on our website at through PayPal.

If viewers wish to provide support specific to Dakota's scholarship fund, they can also make that donation through our website at through PayPal and indicate "Dakota" in the comments section. We will ensure any earmarked donations go toward the purpose they were intended for. Attention: Jackey Jones

PO Box 174

Falls City, OR 97344

LifeWorks for Teens Like June

June is a client of LifeWorks Northwest. For information on donating to LifeWorks, click here. You may specify how you'd like your donation used in the comment section.

CLICK HERE for more ways you can help the homeless.