On the Ground in Haiti: Desperation, Survival

Chris Cuomo reports on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Jan. 15, 2009— -- Arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti today after taking a helicopter from Santo Domingo.

After Katrina, there was no help for a long time due to a slow reaction...here, maybe more frustrating. The need is greater, if you can imagine. There is tons of aid ready, but it can't get where it needs to be.

There are dozens of planes stuck in Santo Domingo. The airport is crippled there, (almost had a collision flying in last night), and the roads are crippled as well. The two countries have had strained relations in the past, but in this time of need the Dominican Republic has been heroic in response, and Santo Domingo is the main artery getting aid to Port-au-Prince.

Reports of looting in Haiti, looting is the wrong word...people are not looking for new televisions. This is desperation, survival.

Situation is far from over...too many people are dying. You hear it, you see it, you smell it.

It's like there is a big hourglass, and the grains of sand are the Haitians.

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