Advice for Training a New Puppy

ByABC News
October 3, 2003, 3:01 PM

Oct. 3 -- Who can resist a puppy? They're so cute and cuddly, and people say they'll be your friend for life. John Stossel wanted that, but when he brought home Oscar, a Tibetan Terrier, he learned puppies can come with some less-than-lovable qualities. For one, they can bite you.

He turned to professionals Andrea Arden, who runs Andrea Arden Dog Training, and trainer Kiela Kern for help. Stossel learned some importants tips for getting his dog under control. Now he and Oscar are making progress.

If you're struggling with your new puppy and would like to ask a question of either Andrea Arden or Kiela Kern, fill out the form below. We'll post their responses on on Monday, Oct. 6.

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