• Nonconformists Say 'I Do'

    Nonconformists Say 'I Do'
    A ceremony under the sea! A couple tied the knot underwater in Austria's Weissensee Lake. Sabrina Mayr and Robert Husar had already celebrated their engagement underwater. The pair, both divers, wrote their 'I Do's' with a pencil.
  • Unusual Weddings/Wonder Woman and Superman

    Unusual Weddings/Wonder Woman and Superman
    Even Super Heroes want their wedding to go off without a hitch. Sarah LaFore, dressed as Wonder Woman, instructs her Amazon warrior bridesmaids about their entrance before groom Tony Lucchese, in his Superman attire, warned them of the hazards of their spears. "They're theatrically blunted, but they can still do some damage," Lucchese said.
    Amber Waterman/Sun Journal photo
  • World's Most Unusual Weddings: Zero Gravity Wedding

    World's Most Unusual Weddings: Zero Gravity Wedding
    New York newlyweds Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor said "I do" in zero gravity in June 2009. The couple's wedding ceremony took place "specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft" that flew multiple parabolas, creating a weightless environment for the couple and their guests. The wedding was hosted by Zero Gravity Corporation, which bills itself as the only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless flights. Private astronaut Richard Garriott officiated the ceremony.
    Zero Gravity Corporation
  • Unusual weddings Casey Anderson Missy Pyle

    Unusual weddings Casey Anderson Missy Pyle
    Naturalist Casey Anderson and actress Missy Pyle share their wedding day with 800-pound Brutus, who served as Anderson's best man, Sept. 12, 2008. The National Geographic Channel has produced "Expedition Grizzly," a documentary about Anderson and his companionship with Brutus, who he raised since birth, and a look at the lives of Yellowstone's vulnerable grizzlies.
    Courtesy Grizzly Creek Films and National Geographic Channel
  • Unusual weddings Alaska

    Unusual weddings Alaska
    A bride and groom say "I do" on a frozen glacier just outside of Juneau, Alaska. Temperatures on the glacier are usually only about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than on land. We hope it leads to a warm marriage.
    Courtesy of Diane Pearson
  • Unusual weddings Ski

    Unusual weddings Ski
    After a mountaintop wedding, these newlyweds prepare to celebrate the moment with a ski downhill.
    Courtesy of Frankee Love, Blue Ridge Weddings
  • Unusual weddings sky wedding

    Unusual weddings sky wedding
    If the cold isn't right for you, consider something more uplifting. Though the wedding party is limited to eight, the sky is the limit for hot-air balloon weddings at Up and Away in Sonoma Valley, Calif. Owner Mike Kijak, center, pilots the balloon and performs the ceremony.
    Courtesy of Steve Lowry
  • Unusual weddings under water wedding

    Unusual weddings under water wedding
    If you have a fear of heights, consider a wet wedding. The Anse Chastanet Resort on St. Lucia will bring your wedding under the sea for a $350 surcharge.
    Courtesy Anse Chastanet Resort