'Bachelor' Chris Soules Says Chris Christie Tweet Not 'Endorsement'

PHOTO: A photo of Chris Christie with The Bachelor Chris Soules was posted on Christies Twitter account, Jan. 29, 2016 with the caption, Grt 2 have IAs @souleschris support us. Looks like we made it to final rose ceremony.Playchrischristie/Twitter
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Chris Soules may have taken a photo with Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie, but the former "Bachelor" star, 34, says it does not mean he's endorsing the New Jersey Governor.

Earlier today, Christie's official Twitter account tweeted a picture with Soules and a reference to his time on the ABC reality show.

"Grt 2 have IA's @souleschris support us. Looks like we made it to final rose ceremony @chrisbharrison #TheBachelor," the photo was captioned.

Soules, the farmer who starred in the 19th season of "The Bachelor," admits that this picture could come "across a bit misleading."

"He just happened to be staying at the same hotel," Soules explained to ABC News. "He came over, we shook hands and we ended up having a beer together."

Christie does support issues that are important to the Iowa native, especially when it comes to agriculture.

"But that's definitely not an endorsement," he added. "I don't mind, I guess. It is what it is. But I'm still undecided. I haven't endorsed anyone and I'm not sure that I plan to."

As the country counts down to the Iowa caucuses on Monday, Soules added that it's been amazing to have his hometown state in the center of all this political craziness.

"To be in the position I'm in, people actually care what I think," he said about being a champion for his state and the farming industry as a whole. "I never had this sort of stature, I guess you could say ... I just had dinner with James Carville and his wife the other night and then ran into Christie last night."

He continued, "I've never been one that's wanted to get into politics, but just support issues important to me and my family. Now, I have a platform to speak on those issues. It's a really unique position for any farmer, to create consumer awareness for what we do."

As for the former reality star's dating life, he's single.

"I'm slowly dabbling into the dating world," he said. "Nothing serious, I've got a lot on my plate. I've been enjoying the ride the last couple years and I'll eventually make dating more of a priority."