'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Joe Bailey Shares Text Messages From Samantha Steffen

"We schemed for weeks in order to meet one another," he wrote.

— -- On Sunday's installment of "Bachelor in Paradise," Samantha Steffen surprised her castmates by giving her rose to Dan Cox over Joe Bailey.

Bailey, who claimed that he texted with Steffen before the show, shared their correspondences on Twitter after the episode aired.

"Do what u need to do to stay on," he claimed she wrote to him. "I don't really care what."

Ultimately, Bailey did just that. Until Steffen's arrival, he pretended to have feelings for Juelia Kinney, which ultimately earned him a villainous reputation on the show.

"I'm not going to lie," he tweeted last night, "we schemed for weeks in order to meet one another."

Steffen refuted his story, however, and claimed that the next line of their text conversation read: "But if u do[get wifed up],its ok! haha lol"

"I did text Joe, but I swear I never hypnotized him or put him under a spell," she added. "Or did I?"

"Bachelor In Paradise" airs tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.