'The Bachelor' Preview: Olivia Breaks Up Date Between Ben and Emily

The news anchor is still rubbing the other contestants the wrong way.

In a new preview of tonight's episode, the 23-year-old news anchor, who scored the highly-coveted first impression rose, interrupts another woman's alone time with Higgins.

Higgins, a software salesman originally from Indiana, was sitting under a blanket with Emily, one of the twins who hails from Las Vegas.

Olivia is upset about something and tells the camera, "I need to go to bed feeling good. I just need us to get back so I do 400 percent need to see him again."

In the clip, the other girls watch as Olivia walks toward Higgins and Emily. One even asks, "What is wrong with Olivia?"

Later, Emily tells the camera she "felt really disrespected" when Olivia interrupted her date with Higgins. "You have a bad conversation, well that's not anyone else's problem but your own," Emily adds.

We won't find out why Olivia was so upset until "The Bachelor" returns tonight on ABC.