5 Biggest Revelations From Kim Richards' 'Dr. Phil' Interview

"Real Housewives" star opened up to Phil McGraw about her intoxication arrest.

"I did have drinks a couple other times over the past few months. It was wine. I was ashamed to say anything at the reunion, embarrassed," Richards, 50, said in the interview that was filmed last week. "I would have loved to say to the girls, 'You know what, you're right,' but the way they were coming at me, they didn't make it easy."

Although Richards admitted that she has fallen off the wagon, she reacted strongly when McGraw, joined by three of her children, offered to send her to rehab.

"I'm done with you," Richards said storming out of the interview. "One hundred percent I'm not going in there. ... You're giving me tons of anxiety."

Since the interview, it has been reported that Richards checked into rehab, though ABC News has been unable to confirm the report.

Before the show aired, McGraw told ABC News that Richards came on the show because "she wanted to tell her side of the story. We sat down and talked about it, and we had a very candid conversation about it. And some very ... big revelations came out of this conversation."

Here are the five biggest revelations from Richard's interview:

1. The show's fans are "hard" on her.

Richards said she had not seen the most recent season, or even read comments about her, until she went on Twitter the day before she was arrested.

"Living through this season on a show, sometimes it's hard enough just to get through it," Richards told McGraw. "The fans are very hard on me. I went on Twitter first to see what people were saying. And it was just horrible: 'You're a ho, you're a liar, we know you're drinking, you're a drunk.' Calling me all kinds of names."

Richards said things got worse with her sister, who is also on the show, after Richards' pit bull bit Kyle's daughter Alexia, who had to undergo surgery.

"It isn't the blog or the season that upset me. It was the relationship between my sister and my niece that's been destroyed," Richards said, crying. "But the bottom line is, it's the overall outcome of where today is with my relationships with the people I love the most, and that's what really started getting me upset."

3. Richards insists she only had one drink the night of her arrest.

The reality star told McGraw she drank about a 2-inch glass of vodka at her daughter Brooke's house. On her way home, she began to feel the effects of the alcohol and decided to pull into the Beverly Hills Hotel, a place she has been going since childhood.

"I was scared, and I was intoxicated, so everything's magnified," she said. "I poured one drink, but maybe it was bigger than I thought."

Richards was asked repeatedly to leave after causing "a disturbance" and was ultimately taken into police custody.

4. Did she really kick a police officer?

Richards was also charged with battery that night for kicking one of the arresting officers, who was not injured. But she doesn't remember kicking him.

"Maybe I did kick him," she said. "I don't know."

5. Richards came clean about her struggle with alcohol.

"I know I've put a huge dent in the work that I've worked so hard to build over the last few years," Richards said, fighting back tears. "I know it's going to take time to rebuild that. I just want to do the right thing and I want to be as strong as I can be."

Though she admitted that she hasn't been "working a program," she also bristled when her children told her she needed help.

"Just go get the help you need," Brooke told her. "You have to do this, mom."

Another daughter, Kimberly, added, "You have the opportunity -- they're going to take care of the whole thing."

But Richards seemed unconvinced. "You guys have seen things a few times," she told her children. "I'm not drinking every day."

That prompted her son Chad to respond, "You take pills. You do this every once in a while. You smoke pot."

After storming out, Richards returned to speak to McGraw.

"I have to digest this. I have tons of anxiety," she said. "The thought of going someplace I don’t know is frightening to me. I do trust you and my kids. The little time they sat with you, they trust you."

Richards is expected to appear in court next month.

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