Why 'Deadpool 2' star Ryan Reynolds decided to not have his daughters on set

He said his youngest daughter "just sobs."

But in a new interview for ABC's "Lights, Camera, Summer” in advance of his highly-anticipated sequel "Deadpool 2," the actor says his family, especially his two daughters might not feel the same way about the "merc with a mouth."

"It's sort of like a second skin ... Of course, it can be uncomfortable. But I feel sort of free in it like I can kind of say and do anything with impunity," Reynolds told ABC News about the potty-mouthed anti-hero.

Under Deadpool's mask is a face that was altered and disfigured when he became a superhuman. He was basically tortured until his mutation was unlocked, which ended up being his ability to heal from almost anything. He can even grow back limbs, as we saw in the first film.

"I leave in the morning looking like dad. And by the time, you know, they arrive at lunchtime, I look like I fell asleep on a stove," he explained, without making light of anyone who has facial deformities. "It's pretty brutal."

His 3-year-old James and 1-year-old Ines come to the set to see their dad, but the youngest "just sobs" when she sees him in costume.

"Blake and I ... we were just like, 'Let's... no more kids... [they] are not coming to set when I'm in the makeup,'" he said. "They can come when I'm in the suit, but not the makeup."

Pivoting to the movie itself, Reynolds gave a few hints of what to watch out for in one of the summer's biggest blockbusters.

After falling in love, becoming Deadpool and hesitantly deciding to do what's right, the sequel will feature the anti-hero recruiting other mutants to team up and stop Cable (Josh Brolin) from killing a young kid with mysterious powers.

Deadpool is also known for breaking the fourth wall, talking to the audience and plugging in real-life tie-ins, likes jokes about Reynolds himself and his past films.

"The movie is full of Easter eggs," he said. "So there's always something in each scene to sort of look in the background. You wanna watch the background and see the different things that are popping up ... You get to kinda laugh at yourself a little bit. I've always used that as a really, as a self-defense mechanism, more than anything. But it's something that is infused right into the DNA of Deadpool."

"Deadpool 2" is out in theaters nationwide.

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