'Force Friday': Take a look back at the evolution of 'Star Wars' toys

"Force Friday" takes over the globe today!

— -- It's that time of the year again: "Force Friday," when fans get to dig into new toys in advance of the latest "Star Wars" film.

This year it's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" that buffs of a "galaxy far, far away" are waiting until Dec. 15 to see, but more than 40 years ago, it was just a small, unknown film by an up-and-coming director named George Lucas.

While you wait to see the latest toys for BB-8, Rey and company, here's a look back at more than four decades of "Star Wars" toys.

You might notice a small upgrade in technology over the years, but kids of the '70s and '80s loved their "Star Wars" toys just as much as fans will today.

This look back includes interviews with folks from Hasbro, Sphero and more. Watch the full video above for more!

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