'Game of Thrones': Burning questions heading into season 7

Will Cersei keep the Iron Throne?

— -- "Game of Thrones" returns this Sunday night for the highly anticipated seventh season.

A lot went down last year, and as always, we lost a lot of fan favorites. RIP Hodor!

Here are the top burning questions heading into the big premiere:

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow

At the end of season 6, we see Snow take his place as King in the North right next to his sister (or so he thinks) Sansa. But the always-sneaky Littlefinger wants to be with Sansa, and have her take over and rule alongside her. Will he get his chance and create a rift between these two?

It’s also worth noting that it was suggested that Snow is actually the son of a Targaryen, not Ned Stark, so maybe if this information comes out, that will also affect Snow and Sansa’s dynamic. It looks like they may be cousins, not brother and sister like everyone thought. Littlefinger would love for this to come to light to split the duo up.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

These are two that fans really want to meet on the show. Dany is out for blood and coming for the Iron Throne, and her possible relative Snow is now King in the North. Will they go to battle before they find out they can be allies? This could be a powerful union for sure!

Daenerys and Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is currently her Hand of the King, or Queen in this case. But that role has had a bad rap over the seasons (RIP Ned!). Will he last by her side? He didn’t last too long when he was Hand to Joffrey.

Also, Tyrion has had a rough path and has been banished before. Will the Lannisters come looking for him? Cersei wants revenge for Joffrey, whom she thinks he killed, so that’s a safe bet.

Arya Stark

At the end of last season, she really came into her own and doesn’t need anyone now. After her run with the Faceless Man didn’t pan out so well, she took things into her own hand, stole a mask from the Hall of Faces and killed Walder Frey, one of the many people on her "To Kill" list.

Will she come for Cersei, the Mountain or others next? Will the Faceless Man come after her for her theft?

The Hound

Who saw this arc coming that after being left for dead, the Hound starts to amend his ways and try to help people. Will he be reunited with Arya and what will happen if they do meet again?

And what about his brother, the Mountain, who is basically a zombie now after almost dying in his battle with Oberyn. They have never gotten along, so we could expect those two to face off?

Cersei and Jaime Lannister

Cersei killed all her foes at the end of last season, including her daughter-in-law, which led to the suicide of Tommen, her final child ... that we know of.

What will become of Jaime's relationship with his sister, now that they have no children left? Will Jaime think she's finally gone too far?


Olenna Tyrell, the grandmother of Margaery Tyrell, the king’s late wife, declares war on Cersei and heads to Dorne to unite with Ellaria Sand, who lost her love Oberyn in the battle with the Mountain. They are both gunning for the Lannister matriarch in a big way.

Bran Stark

We last saw him as we said goodbye to sweet Hodor, who gave his life to save the powerful boy.

Bran also was in contact with the Night's King, who touched him during one of his powerful visions. What's his next step? Bran took over as the three-eyed raven, so he should play a big role in the final two seasons on "Thrones."

The Next Joffrey?

There's always a character you love to hate on "Thrones." First it was Cersei, then Joffrey, then Ramsey Bolton. Who will be it next? Maybe it will be someone you never saw coming?

The Night's King

So many questions here. What's his next move? Just how powerful is the leader of the White Walkers? We've seen very little from him, but winter is here, so expect him to be featured big time this season.

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