Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Talk Family Christmas Traditions

What it's like at the Brooks household over the holidays.

But, Yearwood admits, their full schedule isn’t the reason the family Christmas tree can go undecorated until well after turkey day.

“We're a blended family, you know,” she told ABC News. “I moved into this husband and three girls all at once … So our thing became decorating the tree together as a family, and we started that early on, twelve years ago when I first moved to Oklahoma.”

“The girls were younger,” she added. “And so now that they're older and in college and grown, we still do that. So our tree will go up right after Thanksgiving, but it won't have ornaments on it until we can get all three girls together and we get those ornaments out and put them on the tree.”

When it comes to this particular Christmas tradition, Yearwood, 52, said that for her CMA-entertainer-of-the-year husband, 54, more is definitely more.

“Garth loves a gazillion ornaments on the tree, so we will go shopping every Christmas and buy more, even though we didn't need more” she says.

“And they all have a special meaning. … You know, one of our daughters went through her Goth period, so she has all black ornaments. So there has to be one of those black ornaments that goes on the tree, because, you know, it's like it's got to be there. So it's pretty cool that everybody has their thing that they love and it makes you a family every year.”