Howard Stern gives warning to 2020's future Democratic presidential nominee on 'The View'

Stern says there's so many presidential candidates he's "on overload."

Radio legend Howard Stern candidly spoke about Hillary Clinton during his appearance on "The View" and used his observation of her 2016 presidential run against Donald Trump as a cautionary tale for the future 2020 Democratic nominee.

Thursday morning, the radio host and author of "Howard Stern Comes Again" shares why he always thought of Clinton as "a candidate that was misunderstood."

Stern -- who considers himself "a huge Hillary Clinton supporter" during her 2016 campaign -- felt "her message wasn't coming across" to the public, and said he was "begging" her to come on his radio talk show, "The Howard Stern Show."

"I think she was afraid of me and justifiably," he continued. "She played it safe, and that's the warning to whoever becomes the Democratic nominee: Don't play it safe."

Stern also notes that with former Vice President Joe Biden ahead in the polls, today's voters seem to be playing it safe as well. "Biden's way ahead because I think people want a new president so badly that they want to play it a little safe."

Going off of his "play it safe" theory, Stern believes female candidates are suffering.

"I feel bad for the women running," he said. "But because everyone's so nervous, they're tightening up and saying, 'It better be Joe Biden,' because they got to get the best shot."

"The View" co-hosts weighed in on speculation about presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris teaming up with Biden as a package deal in 2020 on Thursday morning, prior to Stern's appearance.

With the recent addition of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in the Democratic presidential field, Stern he's "on overload" from the more than 20 candidates running. "Every week it's sort of like the flavor of the month."

The outspoken radio personality hasn't made a firm decision on who he's supporting, although he said "there's a lot of good candidates" running. He also shared that he's not against voting for a Republican candidate if one he liked were to step up to the occasion.

Stern also revealed during his interview with with "Good Morning America" co-anchor George Stephanopoulos that turning down an opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention affected his relationship with Trump today.

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