Biden says he can woo back working-class Trump voters

Voters in Pittsburgh, who lined up for hours to see the former vice president, said his experience set him apart in a crowded Democratic presidential field.
3:11 | 04/29/19

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Transcript for Biden says he can woo back working-class Trump voters
the race for 2020, and former vice president Joe Biden holding the first rally of his presidential campaign. It was in Pittsburgh just a short time ago, telling a cheering crowd, if he's going to beat Donald Trump, quote, it's going to happen there, in Pennsylvania. Biden and his wife, Jill, sitting down for an exclusive interview with robin Roberts. Tonight, robin asks about the case Biden be try to make to trump voters, and proof Biden is on president trump's radar. What the president did today. ABC's Mary Bruce is in Pittsburgh. Reporter: In Pittsburgh today, voters lined up for hours to see Joe Biden back on his home turf. If I'm going to be able to beat Donald Trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. It's going to happen here in western Pennsylvania. Reporter: This is Biden country. But it's trump country, too, and in an exclusive interview, Biden told our robin Roberts, he's the Democrat who can woo back those working class trump voters. What would you say to the trump voter, the trump supporter, who looks at the economy and sees very strong numbers here in Pennsylvania, where the unemployment is at a record low of 3.9%? Well, what I'd say is, did you get any bewe it in from the tax cut? Have your wages really gone up to what you think you deserve? Do your employers treat you with any more respect and dignity than they did before? What's the story? Ask these folks. They're not getting their fair share. Reporter: Biden's long political record could be an asset and a liability. Trailed by questions about his role in the Anita hill hearings, he's now trying to make amends, calling hill a few weeks ago. But she said his words weren't enough. She said, "I cannot be satisfied by simply saying "I'm sorry for what happened to you." I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose." Well, see, I think -- that's what she told me. I was grateful she took the call. As the committee chairman, I take responsibility that she did not get treated well. I take responsibility for that. You take responsibility? I take responsibility for that, because I was the chairman. Reporter: Biden now laser-focused on Donald Trump, calls this race a battle for the soul of America. Our political system is broken. We're tearing America apart instead of letting it up. Reporter: Voters here tell us in a crowded field, the former vice president stands out. Why Joe Biden and not one of the other 19 democratic candidates? He knows how to work both sides of the aisle. He knows how to be a we rather than an us versus them. Mary Bruce live from Pittsburgh. And Mary, president trump seems to clearly be paying attention to Joe Biden, firing off four tweets about Biden and union support for Biden today alone. Reporter: Yeah, David. Joe Biden seems to be getting under the president's skin. Pennsylvania is a state that trump won by less than one percentage point, and Joe Biden knows this is a must-win. But first, he has no win the nomination, and David, there is still a long fight ahead. You'll be there every step of the way. Mary Bruce tonight, thank you. And much more of robin Roberts' exclusive interview with Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. And what will his answer be to make America great again? That's tomorrow morning on Now, to the two sixth

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Voters in Pittsburgh, who lined up for hours to see the former vice president, said his experience set him apart in a crowded Democratic presidential field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62714136","title":"Biden says he can woo back working-class Trump voters","url":"/WNT/video/biden-woo-back-working-class-trump-voters-62714136"}