Inside Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn's Low-Key Romance

From details of their first meeting to where they live, get all the details.

But that's not the only thing low-key about the couple:

"All I saw was that he was really attractive. I didn't care what he did," she told O'Brien. "I was like, 'You are such a big man!'"

2. They shop local (and presumably cook): During her "Conan" interview, Munn said that she knew she was adapting well to life in the Midwest when she had to reschedule a call with her representatives to pick up meat she had on hold with her butcher at Maplewood Meats.

Plant manager Brad Van Hemelryk told the Green Bay Press Gazette that Munn comes in weekly, often to pick up steaks.

3. They don't complain about fame: With Munn's TV and movie career and Rodgers' reputation as an elite quarterback, both live life in the public eye. However, neither complains.

"You can either understand it comes with the territory and embrace it, or you can lock yourself away. And I just can’t do that. I need to be living my life," Rodgers said last summer. "I’m going to continue living my life and enjoy my public life and enjoy my relationships and not worry too much about that other stuff because it’s like in football -– there’s some things you just cannot control, and that’s one of them."

4. His gifts are thoughtful and not overly flashy: Last fall, Munn wore a ring to an interview, and the reporter asked her where she got it. The jewelry was a gift from Rodgers, she explained, though it wasn't accompanied by a proposal.

"I wore this for a premiere... and he had heard me talking to my stylist about being obsessed with it," she said. "It is such a special ring, and then he surprised me [with it]."

5. They're supportive of each other, but in quiet ways: Munn has said that she goes to every Packers home game, while Rodgers accompanies her to interviews too.

However, neither takes away the focus from the person who's working.