John Krasinski Reveals His Favorite Romantic Comedy

Hint: His wife Emily Blunt stars in the movie.

"That one dosed me in a really big way. Everybody looks like they're having a blast. Everybody's wearing great clothes," the 36-year-old told Elle magazine recently. "When we first started dating, I didn't know that she was coming over and I was watching it, and she was like, 'Oh, what are you watching?' and I quickly changed the channel to something dude-like."

"I grew up with the Boston vibe and the Catholic vibe. I don't want to put anybody out," Krasinski explained to Elle. "George said, 'I have this place and you should feel free to use it.' Only on the fourth ask did I say yes. Because the first three times I thought, there's no way he is serious. But I started to see his feelings get hurt. I actually hurt George Clooney's feelings."

All that sensitivity will come in handy raising two daughters. Krasinski and Blunt welcomed their second daughter, Violet, in June. They are also parents to 2-year-old Hazel.

Asked what he hopes to teach his daughters about men, Krasinski replied, "Respect and understanding are everything."

"I would love to pretend that I'm going to be the guy in overalls with some scary bat waiting for guys when they come to visit," he continued. "But the truth is, if I do that, I'll lose respect from my daughter. I'm not going to pretend that bad things don't happen. I just hope she has enough understanding that when they do, just give me a call."