Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily-Rose on Following Her Father Into Acting

The 16-year-old stars in "Yoga Hosers" with her famous dad.

"The most fun part of making the movie was being able to learn and experience everything for the first time with people I love and admire," she said of working with her dad. "I learned so much working on this movie."

In fact, she said working with her father, Smith and Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, helped "me come out of my shell as an actress. Being able to feel free and comfortable in your character’s skin is so important. I’m lucky I had such great people surrounding me to help me do that.”

As for her inspiration in the film, it's certainly not what you'd expect. Depp cited classic films like "Clueless" and "Gremlins" when explaining her role.

"I’ve actually seen both of those movies countless times ... I definitely drew inspiration from those films," she said.