Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Middleton, on His Sweet New Company, 'Boomf'

James Middleton also discusses being an uncle to Prince George.

— -- What does it mean to be uncle to the future King of England?

“Like any uncle wants to be, I want to be the cool uncle. The fun uncle,” he said. “That’s what sort of I’ll always try and be.”

The company, for which Middleton holds the cheeky title “Wonka-in-Chief,” is one he created with his business partner, Andy Bell, who holds the title “Chief Edible Officer.”

“We thought we'd just add the fun throughout the company so the staff in production are 'Boomfaloopas,'" Middleton said. "We obviously take a lot of sort of magic from Willy Wonka."

Marshmallows from 'Boomf' may be a perfect Christmas gift, but Middleton, who resides in the U.K., says he "hasn’t even gotten that far yet” when it comes to finding a gift for Prince George.

“It was my sort of little treat for them was to give them a puppy,” Middleton said. “And Lupo was their gift.”

“She’s better,” Middleton said. “I mean it’s not unknown that she suffered from this acute morning sickness and fortunately she is, I think, on the mend.”

Middleton says his family sees and talks to each other “all the time” and even though the world’s eyes are focused on William and Kate, major events like their wedding and the birth of Prince George seem like just family affairs.

“The most wonderful thing about that wedding,” Middleton said, referring to William and Kate’s 2011 nuptials, “although billions were watching, it felt like a family wedding.”

And as for Prince George’s August 2013 birth, at which hordes of media camped outside the hospital, Middleton says it was again about the family.

“I think what was the most wonderful thing, everybody was celebrating with us, for me becoming an uncle and for my parents becoming grandparents, they’re all so excited,” Middleton said.