Top 7 Worst Celebrity Parents

The Lohans, John Phillips, Ryan O'Neal: examples of how to not parent.

November 13, 2009, 5:23 PM

Nov. 13, 2009 — -- Like The Fresh Prince said, parents just don't understand.

What don't they understand, exactly? Well, when it comes to having famous spawn, a lot. At least in the case of the following seven parents, some of whom are stars themselves.

Take Dina Lohan: it's not exactly appropriate for a mother to publicly release a recorded phone call in which she claims her daughter, Lindsay, is on the brink of death. Or look at Joe Jackson, who's turning the tables on the conventional parent-child relationship and asking for an allowance from the estate of his son, the late King of Pop. And then there's John Phillips, who raped and initiated a 10-year-long sexual relationship with his daughter, actress Mackenzie Phillips .

Take a tip from the following seven tumultuous relationships and don't rear your young'ns like them.

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