Mary J. Blige on finding strength after her divorce

The singer has released a new album since her split with her husband-manager.

— -- Mary J. Blige is back with a new album and feeling stronger than ever following her messy divorce from husband-manager Martin "Kendu" Isaacs.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez at the iHeartRadio Album Release Party, Blige discussed her new album "Strength of a Woman" -- released last Friday -- and how's she gotten through her painful split from Isaacs.

"I'm getting better every single day. Every day it's a process because it's a lot that's going on," said the 46-year-old singer, who has been sharing the messy details of their split in the media. "But there's a lot of light in all of the darkness. The beautiful thing is I got a chance to take something so dark and give my fans something to put a smile on their face and something they can appreciate."

Blige filed for divorce from Isaacs last July, citing irreconcilable differences after nearly 13 years of marriage. Isaacs has asked for $129,000 a month of spousal support from the superstar singer. They had no children together.

Famous for writing about her heartbreak, Blige's new album, which The New York Times calls her "most affecting and wounded" in years, features song titles like "Set Me Free," "Survivor," "Love Yourself" and "Indestructible."

Of the latter, she said, her husband threatened to "sink" and "destroy" her.

"In the midst of so much hell, I did not get destroyed and I'm still here," Blige told Martinez. "I'm not giving up on love, marriage is another thing, but I'm not giving up on love, because love is what people are giving, it's coming from everywhere."

Still, Blige is not quite ready for a new a relationship. She said her heart is "still pumping" but "not open."

Fighting back tears, she said, "You found out you wasn't what this person wanted all these years and that somebody was better and that's wounding."

Asked how she's kept going, Blige replied, "Prayer."

"How I treat myself, how I treat people. Really really taking care of me," she added.

"Why not, I'm free now," she quipped about her outfit.

"It's the only way I won't lose myself," she said about taking care of her health. "If I take care of myself and not give up on myself, I won't fall victim to the pity parties. I just have to keep building myself up every day."

Isaacs’ lawyer, Robert Brandt, did not respond immediately to ABC News' request for comment.

Last month, he told the New York Post, "Allegations that have been made about Kendu are false, unfair, mean-spirited and sad. The court can deal with it if it’s relevant. He’s a very pleasant guy. He’s not abusive. He’s not the one going to the press. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and [have] this commentary cease and desist. It doesn’t help any of them. It’s misleading. He cares about Mary. He wants her to do well."

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