Meet the 'GMA' Challenge Contest Finalists

Cameron McLeod and Lauren Godwin learned their final challenge from Demi Lovato.

ByABC News
June 16, 2016, 9:22 AM

— -- Our “Good Morning America” challenge is heating up as we’re now heading into the finals.

Across three challenges, from Jason Derulo, Flo Rida and Brad Paisley, more than 244,000 entries were submitted garnering more than 12.5 million “likes” from users, who are called “musers,” everywhere.

Now it’s time to meet our two finalists.

Cameron McLeod, 17, of Redwood City, California, trended right from the start, submitting a dazzling trio of Musical.lys to beat out the competition through three rounds.

Lauren Godwin, 16, of Houston was a round-two, wild-card pick after trending huge on the Flo Rida challenge.

Cameron and Lauren are now in New York City for the ultimate “GMA” challenge finale, learning what their very last challenge will be in a special message from Demi Lovato herself.

“Time to be the boss right now and dance,” Lovato told the two finalists in the surprise video. “Send in your to ‘Confident,’ because ‘What’s wrong with being confident?’”

The hopeful contestants are ready to take on the challenge, out to prove they’re not going home without a fight.

“This is such a dream come true,” Cameron said today via Skype. “I’ve been doing this competition from the beginning and I can’t wait to go all the way. I’m just going to get up there and dance my heart out. That’s for sure.”

Not to be outdone, Lauren explained what she’s going to do to win the final round.

“Just yesterday, I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not, so it’s so unreal to be here in New York,” she said. “But definitely to keep my momentum, I’m just going to do what I love and enjoy the experience.”

The finalists are duking it out for a chance to meet Lovato at our “GMA” Summer Concert and win tickets to a show on Lovato's "Future Now" Tour with Nick Jonas.