Oscars Countdown: Stars Gather at Nominees Luncheon

ABC News chats with Hollywood’s biggest stars at the annual pre-Oscars event.

“I used to watch the Oscars, but that was like watching Cinderella on TV,” Vikander, 27, told ABC News. “It was a very, very distant dream far, far away.”

“All the pageantry and the beautiful clothes and the acceptance speeches and the tears, all of that, you get so swept up in it as a kid, so to even be doing this interview is kind of surreal for me,” said Leigh, 54.

Behind the Scenes from Oscar Nominees Luncheon

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Brie Larson, who was nominated for her performance in “Room,” said the acclaim is coming after 20 years of showbiz struggle.

“I had a dream last night though that I was hanging out with my 7-year-old self and I said, ‘It’s going to take 20 years before you get any sort of recognition for it,’” Larson, 26, quipped.

“That’s rare when actors kind of sublimate their own egos to serve. It’s super rare,” he said, laughing. “I think that’s part of why I think the movie is exciting too, to see a group of people playing at that level but in a way that I just purely to serve the storytelling.”

“I’m going to sing directly to Leo. Only Leo,” Smith joked. “And before, I’m going to [to say] ‘This is for you, babe.’”