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  • Britt

    Britt will appear on the new season of "The Bachelorette" airing on ABC.
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  • Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn will appear on the new season of "The Bachelorette" airing on ABC.
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  • Ben H

    Ben H
    A software salesman from Denver, this 26-year-old's biggest date fear is having indigestion on a first date. His dream lunch partner? Nelson Mandela. "He was punished and enslaved but showed grace and mercy in the end," he said. "He is a legend and his grace is something I would like to model."
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  • Ben Z

    Ben Z
    Ben Z., a 26-year-old fitness coach from San Jose, loves his mom and is trying to be more outrageous. "I used to be pretty reserved or calculated and I'm excited to do more things!" he said.
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  • Bradley

    The first person in his family to graduate from college (with a Division I tennis scholarship no less!), this 25-year-old from Atlanta now works as an international auto shipper. However, if he could be anybody else for a day, he'd choose a fellow athlete: Tom Brady. Bradley would like to "get a taste of what a primetime football game would be like," he noted, "then go home to Gisele."
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  • Brady

    This 33-year-old singer-songwriter from Nashville summarized his biggest date fear in two words: "explosive diarrhea." He also admires Coldplay's Chris Martin ("for his creativity, humility, charisma and wit") and and is nostalgic for his college days. He said the most outrageous thing he's ever done was when he "hit a grand slam in the 9th inning with two outs against Wichita State in the 2004 Collegiate Regional Championships when I was playing with the Arkansas Razorbacks."
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  • Chris

    A dentist from Nashville, Chris, 28, has been on national TV in his underwear (probably this season?) and is more likely to be found in a bar than a club. "Hot spots are designed for attractive young women and unattractive old men," he noted. "I like bars because it's where fun people go to meet each other."
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  • Clint

    A self-described romantic, this 27-year-old architectural engineer from Chicago would love to be Chuck Norris for a day, but most looks up to his dad. Why? "For his work ethic, ingenuity and creative drive, and his way with people," he said.
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  • Corey

    Corey is a 30-year-old investment banker from New York who has more than one tattoo and a lot of admiration for the Dalai Lama. ("That's an enlightened cat!" he said.) He also has a very specific vision for what his dream superpower would be. "The ability to do everything I wanted without needing sleep or losing my health and fitness. I would be able to drink and eat whatever I wanted and stay up all night, but I'd still be able to be productive, read, learn new things, travel, study, create businesses, help people, and never grow tired," he explained.
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  • Cory

    Cory is a 35-year-old residential developer from Pearland, Texas whose biggest date fear is "finding out my date's really a dude." He's also not into name dropping, and would love to be his younger self for just one day.
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  • Daniel

    This fashion designer, 28, grew up in Nashville and once biked across America from Virginia to Oregon. When asked who he'd be if he could be anyone else for a day, he answered, "the Prince of Monaco, because he has a baller life."
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  • David

    This Orlando native, 26, works in real estate and wants to run a successful business that allows him to travel the world. He'd also like to meet Brad Pitt, "so he can tell me some of his crazy stories and teach me a thing or two about charming women."
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  • Ian

    A 28-year-old recruiter from L.A., Ian most admires Richard Branson ("Dude does everything!") and likes to build things for the women in his life. "One time I made a clock with a picture in the background," he said.
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  • Jared

    For the past six years, this 26-year-old restaurant manager from Warwick, R.I. has volunteered at a week-long camp for children with cancer. He also said he would love to be Barack Obama for one day "just so I could see how it feels to be the leader of the free world."
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  • JJ

    A former investment banker from Denver, this 32-year-old doesn't like to be used by women for free dinners and thinks Robert Downey Jr. is "as cool as the other side of the pillow." He also once won $20,000 after betting on college football.
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  • Joe

    A man who "takes life one day at a time," Joe is a 28-year-old insurance agent from Columbia, KY. He hates awkward silence and misses his grandmother who recently passed away. His greatest achievement to date? Donating to his sister's mission trip.
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  • Jonathan

    A 33-year-old who hates when his dates have bad breath, this automotive spokesman from Detroit considers himself to be a romantic. "I try to always listen and attend to a woman's needs. Not just in the bedroom, but all around," he said. "That can be very romantic to the right woman.
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  • Josh

    Josh listed his occupation as "law student/exotic dancer" and also said that his greatest accomplishment to date is "graduating from law school." A 27-year-old from Chicago, Josh, like Jonathan, is afraid for his dates to have bad breath and hopes believes a wife is "a part of you, and you have to act accordingly."
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  • Joshua

    This 31-year-old industrial welder from Kuna, Idaho has nine tattoos and a big fear of his mom wiping his nose during a date. If he could be any superhero, he'd be "The Invisible Man." "What guy wouldn't want to be in a room full of women to listen to them talk to try to understand them better?" he asked.
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  • Justin

    Justin is a fitness trainer from Naperville, Ill. who considers himself a romantic and wants to own his own business. If he could be anybody else for a day, he'd choose "someone from a less privileged area or country" as it would be "an eye-opening/humbling experience."
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  • Kupah

    An entrepreneur from Boston, this 32-year-old defines marriage as "FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVEEEEEEEER." While he would choose Mark Wahlberg as his ideal lunch partner ("hometown icon, still remains humble") he most admires his mom, calling her a "single parent [with a] lack of resources and education... [who] she raised two awesome, law-abiding citizens."
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  • Ryan B

    Ryan B
    Ryan B is a 32-year-old realtor from Wellington, Florida who once rode his bike from Florida to California for a dog rescue. His most embarrassing moment was when he accidentally tweeted a photo meant for his girlfriend and if given the choice of being anybody else from a day, would choose Seth MacFarlane. "So talented," he gushed.
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  • Ryan M

    Ryan M
    A junkyard specialist, this 28-year-old Kansas City, Mo. native likes the idea of having a soulmate and lists his biggest date fear as "the person being terrible." If he could be any superhero, he'd choose Wolverine. "He is awesome-looking, ripped, has attitude, and doesn't take any crap," he said.
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  • Shawn B

    Shawn B
    This personal trainer, 28, grew up in Windsor Locks, Conn. and lists his greatest achievement to date as owning an 1888 farmhouse that he rehabbed with his dad. If he could be anybody else for a day, he'd pick his dog. "I would love to know what goes on in his head and how crazy he thinks I am," he said. "Not to mention, he is also the most spoiled dog I know."
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  • Shawn E

    Shawn E
    Shawn E, 31, is an "amateur sex coach" whose biggest date fear is "passing gas." The Ontario native relates to Superman, says his favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, and describes his ultimate date as follows: "My ultimate date would be doing something very exciting during daylight hours, something that required us to be strong together (skydiving, etc.), followed by a romantic dinner -- maybe a bonfire on a beach, swimming in the ocean, or hot tub or bath together. Embracing and loving until sunrise."
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  • Tanner

    The Kansas City, Mo. native, 28, hates it when his date is a sloppy drunk but loves it when she makes eye contact.
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  • Tony

    Tony, 35, is a "healer" from St. Louis. If he could be any superhero, he'd be Tony Stark from "Ironman." "He is humble yet arrogant, fights crime and is hella rich," he explained.
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