Ricky Martin says he's 'so in love' and explains his personal connection to 'Versace'

Superstar Ricky Martin is taking on big roles both in his career and at home.

The Puerto Rican singer recently married his partner, artist Jwan Yosef, telling "GMA" they are "so in love."

"We just signed all the papers and everything and we're fine and it's beautiful, so in love," Martin gushed. "I have the ring. But where's my wedding? I want my wedding a big wedding celebration, that's next."

Martin, 46, has two sons, 9-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino, but said he would like more kids and is happy to have Yosef by his side to make those decisions.

"Yeah, I mean, I come from a big family and I would love to have a big family, but now we're two. To make that decision, I'm not the only one to make it," he said.

Martin said Matteo and Valentino are also his "biggest critics."

"On many occasions, they go, 'Hey, right, Papi, I love what you did tonight but last night was better.' They're very diplomatic," Martin said with a laugh. "They're very beautiful and very special."

"For me to shoot at the Italian villa in Miami Beach where everything happened was the most important thing for me as an actor, to be able to feel that energy. The first scene I shot was when I actually find the body right at the stairs where it actually happened," Martin said. "It was very beautiful."

He added, "For me to have this opportunity once again has been amazing."

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Martin has been heavily involved in the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, but said there's still "much to be done."

"Unfortunately, still half of the island has no power and I'm building homes," Martin said. "I want to make sure that kids have a place to go and that's why we're doing an alliance with Habitat for Humanity. Thanks to the money you've all donated ... you've done so much for my island."