Rob Kardashian Wants to Go to Law School, Plus 6 More Celebrity Kids

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashiain's baby brother, Rob, the only son of the late Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson's lawyer, wants to follow in his father's footsteps and head to law school.

"Going to law school very soon and so excited and can't wait! School just never ends for me! #UniversityofSouthernCal #Trojans #FightOn," the reality star tweeted Monday.

But it looks as if the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star will not be attending the University of Southern California as he said.

"Rob Kardashian is not coming here, but we wish him luck at law school," the USC Gould School of Law tweeted Tuesday to its official Twitter handle. Kardashian did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment.

After graduating from USC with a degree in business entrepreneurship in May 2009, Kardashian failed to find a solid career path, which triggered criticism from sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. In 2010, he helped his famous sisters launch their skincare line, PerfectSkin, and in 2011 he became the face of Rivalspot, a video gaming website. The 25-year-old tried music management in early 2011 when he co-managed the all girl group, the BG5, which never managed to take off. The star is also launching his own sock line which will hit Neiman Marcus shelves Nov. 1.

Robert Kardashian famously led O.J. Simpson's defense team to a not guilty verdict in the murder trial of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown. As for his son, it's time for the "Dancing With the Stars" alum to kick off his dancing shoes and hit the books because he has quite a legacy to live up to. Check out five more star kids who are mimicking their parents' or relatives' looks and careers:

PHOTO: Tom Hanks, right, is seen at the after party for the 2012 Concert for the Rainforest Fund at The Pierre Hotel on April 3, 2012 while his son, Chester, left, is seen performing under his stage name "Chet Haze" on at Lolla Wknd at The Underground in
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Tom Hanks and Chester Hanks

Tom Hanks' son is following the actor's path to stardom, though he's taking a decidedly different route from the "Forrest Gump" star. He's changed his name, and he's rapping.

Chester Hanks, known by the stage name Chet Haze, has slowly been building a rapping career. First, he put out "White and Purple," an ode to his alma mater, Northwestern University. Now he's got the music video "I Do It Better," in which he throws some sunglasses and gold bracelets on and an Ivy League-ish suit and spits such semi-rhymes as "'We hit the floor, you turn it up, we turn it out, we lose control." He also canoodles with a brunette who may or may not have been ripped from the set of "Jersey Shore."

To be fair, Hanks doesn't consider himself the next Eminem. "It's pretty much pop-rap," the 21-year-old told the Huffington Post last year. "What I'm trying to do right now is have music that you can hear on the radio, because I'm in a stage where I want to have a good product, a product that will sell, and I want to just push it and push it and push it. So far it's been working."

Tiger Woods and Cheyenne Woods

Tiger Woods' niece is a chip off the old block.

Cheyenne Woods inherited her uncle's love of golf -- Tiger Woods' half brother is her father. But when the 21-year-old teed off during a practice round for the U.S. Women's Open golf tournament in Wisconsin earlier this month, she also revealed how much she looks like the famous pro golfer.

She shot a 3-over 75 in the first round of the Open, a score that didn't exactly match the best numbers of Tiger Woods. But the recent Wake Forest graduate -- this Open is her first -- took the score in stride.

"I feel pretty good about my round overall," she said. "It's a tough course, and I'm just happy to have survived."

She also thanked the people who came to watch her swing, many of whom knew about her connection to the golfing great.

"Everyone out here has been really, really supportive, cheering us on," she said. "I'll give them props for coming out today, because it's definitely hot out there."

PHOTO: Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna, left, poses in her mother's infamous cone dress. Madonna performs on stage during her "MDNA" tour at Ramat Gan Stadium on May 31, 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
@MaterialGirl/Twitter; Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images
Madonna and Lourdes Leon

It's not enough that Lourdes Leon looks a lot like her mother Madonna; she's beginning to act a lot like her too.

The 15-year-old played dress-up in her mother's famous cone bra while backstage at the pop star's MDNA tour. She then tweeted a picture of her sticking out her tongue while grabbing the cones.

"Lola backstage at MDNA!" the tweet read from the Material Girl clothing line, the mother-daughter joint venture, sold at Macy's.

Later, Madonna took the stage in the very same bra, a Jean Paul Gaultier's recreation of his iconic bustier worn by the pop star during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

These days, Lourdes is looking more and more like a chip off the old block. In early 2012, she was seen strutting the streets of New York in a cut-off top and sheer skirt that might've been stolen from the '80s section (or room, heck--it might even have its own zip code) of her mom's closet.

Recently mother Madonna expressed concern that her daughter may be growing up too fast.

After the teen was caught smoking a cigarette in New York, Madonna told NBC, "Cigarette smoking I'm not very fond of, for anyone. I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter."

PHOTO: Alec Baldwin with his daughter Ireland Baldwin, left, and Kim Basinger at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Informers", April 16, 2009 in Hollywood.
Elder Ordonez/INF
Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin

Alec Baldwin's daughter is beginning to look like the mirror image of her mom, Kim Basinger.

Baldwin stepped out with his 16-year-old daughter Ireland June 21, days after his now infamous altercation with a newspaper photographer. He and his daughter made headlines in 2007, when an enraged Baldwin left a voice mail for Ireland calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig."

They're on better terms now. The two went to breakfast days before Baldwin's wedding to Hilaria Thomas, and Ireland was seen wiping away tears and smiling the day of the ceremony. While it's unclear if she's caught the acting bug of her parents, who divorced in 2002, she's definitely got the looks to make it in show biz.

PHOTO: Will Smith and his daughter Willow attend the "Madagascar 3" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on June 7, 2012 in New York City.
Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty
Will and Willow Smith

Will Smith's rapping days may be behind him (remember "Summertime?") but his daughter is just getting started.

Willow Smith scored herself a hit in 2010 with "Whip My Hair" and got signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label at the tender age of 10. She's since turned into something of a style icon -- she shaved her head and posted a photo of herself with a gem on her tongue, making fans think she'd gotten a tongue piercing (she later clarified that it wasn't a real piercing.)

Willow's also got real projects in the works. This month, she debuted a new music video for the ballad "I Am Me," and she's slated to star in an upcoming remake of "Annie."

PHOTO: Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber
Ramey Photo
Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber appears to be following in her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford's footsteps.

Gerber, whose father, Randy Gerber, is also a former model, starred alongside Crawford and Crawford's mother in JCPenney's 2012 Mother's Day campaign. The three generations of Crawford beauties were casually dressed in jeans and white tops.

The ad, however, came as a surprise. In February 2012, Crawford abruptly halted Kaia's budding career after the 10-year-old posed for Versace in a leather jacket and short skirt. The photograph made headlines, with some calling it too provocative.

Afterward, Crawford announced to "The Daily," "At this point, she's too young to pursue a career. There aren't even a handful of jobs for a 10-year-old girl."

She's given Kaia the green light to follow in her footsteps later on in life: "But if she's 17 and wants to try it, of course, what can I say?"

Crawford said Kaia told her somewhat jokingly, "I might model first because you don't have to know how to do anything, but then I want to be a baby nurse."

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