'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story': 7 Burning Questions

We break down the new trailer.

Hopefully our answers will help "Stars Wars" newbies to get a better grasp of a galaxy far, far away!

Here you go.

1 - What is this timeline on this?

Good question. This is set just before "A New Hope," which is the original "Star Wars" film, released in 1977. So Luke Skywalker is still a kid, etc. But it's "Episode IV," so the three prequels have already happened.

2 - What are Imperial Flags?

The Evil Empire is starting to take over the galaxy under Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. These two are going through the galaxy, killing whoever resists them.

3 - Who is Felicity Jones?

She is Jyn Erso, who will presumably lead the mission to steal plans for the Death Star. If you've seen "A New Hope," Luke blows it up using a fighter and The Force to guide his attack.

4 - What is the Death Star?

That's the floating black object you see in the clip. It can destroy planets and that is what the rebels hope to take down.

5 - Who is the supporting cast?

Lots here. K-2SO is the new droid helping the rebels. Saw Gerrera, played by Forest Whitaker, looks to be a mentor for Erson, possibly from her home planet. Donnie Yen is the warrior you see pummeling stormtroopers and Ben Mendelsohn is Director Orson Krennic for the Empire, who may or may not be at odds with Darth Vader.

6 - Where are all the people I recognize (Yoda, R2D2)?

They may make cameos, but presumably not. Remember, this takes place just before "A New Hope," so you may get glimpses, but they will be short because this film is meant to be a separate story.

7 - Is that Darth Vader at the End?

Yes! I mean, "Yassss!"

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