Sophie Tweed-Simmons Launches 'All-Size' Clothing Line

"It's, like, a sexy grandma," Sophie Tweed-Simmons says.

“We're not trying to thin shame. We're not trying to fat shame. We're just saying that there's not really an option for girls that look like me,” said Tweed-Simmons, who wears between a size 8 and 10.

Tweed-Simmons told “GMA” that she was frustrated with how clothing fit her body, so she partnered with The Style Club online to launch a New Year’s Eve collection. She describes her look as a combination of rocker meets conservative.

“So it's, like, a sexy grandma,” she said.

It’s called “an all-size clothing line. We don't call it plus size,” she said.

Tweed-Simmons, who’s now starring alongside her mother on a new reality show, “Shannon and Sophie,” said she names each of her pieces after a strong-minded woman. The line includes pieces such as the “Oprah open back sweater,” the “Malala skirt” and the “Hepburn bowtie jumper.”

Tweed-Simmons, who grew up in front of the cameras on her family’s reality TV show, “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels,” said her body was constantly judged.

“You know, ‘Gene Simmons’ chubby daughter,’ or, ‘Gene Simmons’ whale,’” she said, recalling some of the comments that were made. “And so I had to become comfortable with what I had to work with at a really early age.”

Comfortable with her own curves -- according to a recent interview with Yahoo Style, she stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall -- Tweed-Simmons chooses not to have photos of herself digitally enhanced.

“I don't want to lie to people about what I look like. ... I'm not trying to pretend to be thinner,” she said. “Not trying to pretend to be more blonde or have smoother skin. Like, this is just how I look.”

Many celebrities have been accused of altering their own images online. Tweed-Simmons takes issue with that.

“You're telling your followers, ‘I don't think I'm pretty enough,’” she said. “So what is that saying to these young girls?”

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