Wendy Williams celebrates 1,500 episodes of talk show, after fainting scare

The talk show host has never missed a day of her namesake talk show.

"I've gotten quite comfortable on this purple couch," the host, wearing a sparkly emerald dress, said Monday. "I love this silly show. I'm so glad that you apparently love it, as well."

Williams told ABC News why she pressed hard to finish that Halloween episode, noting that she's never missed one day of work during her nine seasons on the air.

"That's why I got up off the floor and came out here and closed out the show," she said. "You're only as good as your last performance."

Williams rose to fame during a successful radio career, which landed her in the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Known for the question she asks everyone -- "How you doin'? -- Williams became infamous for giving her opinion on the latest in "Hot Topics" and celebrity headlines.

And she wasn't always nice about it.

In fact, she was infamous in the hip-hop community for asking the questions no other journalist dared to ask. Artists such Will Smith, 2Pac, Jay-Z and Chance the Rapper even rapped about it.

In the remix for "A Million and One Questions," Jay-Z said, "For the millionth time askin' me / Questions like Wendy Williams, harrassin' me / Then get upset when I catch feelings."

The talk show host, unlike her modern-day counterparts, is known for blending A-list celebrity guests with hip-hop stars who would usually be relegated to radio interviews.

Williams has also welcomed hip-hop stars such as Remy Ma, Cardi B., DJ Khaled and Teyana Taylor, introducing them to national audiences.