Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart head back to Jumanji with Danny Devito and Danny Glover

Together, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson can pack hilarious moments in a scene.

Together on screen, Kevin Hart and Dwyane Johnson can pack nonstop hilarity into a scene. But off-screen, the two are still able to keep the laughs going.

The pair is back for "Jumanji: The Next Level" and you’ve never seen them act in anything like it before.

In the film, Johnson and Hart are put in a peculiar situation when they’re whisked back to the world of "Jumanji" not as themselves, but as Danny DeVito and Danny Glover.

"These are two men who we have adored and admired for so many years and respected," Johnson told "Good Morning America."

The trailer, which has over 31 million views on YouTube, shows Hart seamlessly recreating Glover’s cadence and Johnson hilariously impersonating DeVito’s personality and mannerisms.

"I was laughing out loud, that was roaring," Glover said of Hart and Johnson’s performances. "I wasn’t laughing, I was roaring."

Similar to their first film, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," the original cast is back in the sequel that takes them to parts of the unknown and unexplored, all to escape the world’s most dangerous game. DeVito and Glover join the star-studded film alongside other great comedians like Jack Black and Awkwafina.

Ahead of the film’s release, Hart and Johnson joined Glover and DeVito to reflect on their memorable on-screen performances and talk about what it was like working with legendary actors over a friendly guacamole contest.

"I just like to honestly be quiet and soak up this wisdom," said Hart of his experience working with DeVito and Glover. "When you’re around this type of iconic wisdom. You just sit back and you just listen."

"It was really special to watch the interaction between the two of them," Glover said of Hart and Johnson’s acting chemistry. "It instills that kind of relationship and the beauty that you want people to feel when they get out of the movie."

"Jumaniji: The Next Level" hits theaters on Dec. 13.