Eva Mendes admits she hides from her kids for 'me time' and encourages other moms to do the same

Mendes shared an important message for other moms.

Sometimes parents just need a moment to themselves -- even celebrity parents. Case in point: Eva Mendes.

The mother of two posted a hilarious selfie on Instagram Sunday of her hiding underneath the bed covers.

"Sunday. Still in bed. Trying to hide from my kids. (not having success)," she wrote before poking fun at her flawless appearance. "And no, I didn’t wash my makeup off last night. I know , I know so bad, yadda yadda."

The actress goes on to remind parents that it's OK to take a breather now and again.

"To all you mamas out there, hope you find a moment to sneak away from the madness today even for a few minutes," she said.

Mendes and her longtime partner, fellow actor Ryan Gosling, are parents to 3-year-old Amanda and 5-year-old Esmeralda.

Mendes recently opened up on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" about parenting and admitted that she and Gosling can be "very controlling."

When describing their parenting style, she said she is guilty of being a bulldozing and helicopter parenting at times.